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The Author Tiina Walsh reading to her daughter.

Every book has a different adventure,

based on the letters of the child's name.


Every book has a unique story to tell.

All the illustrations of "What's My Name?"-storybooks are hand-drawn by

the Finnish artist Anni Virta.

Personalized Storybooks
for BOYS
Personalized Storybooks

"What's My Name?" Storybook for BOYS


"What's My Name?" Storybook for Girls



“My daughter couldn't believe that the girl in the book had the exact same name as her, and to be sure, we had to read the book three times the first time she saw it!”

Poppy from Manchester, UK

“Both my kids got their own personalized books for Christmas, and they absolutely love Magic Mouse and the personalized adventures in their own books."

Alison from Texas, US

“My son Daniel loves the individual adventure stories, his favorite one is Dizzy Dinosaur and his lost drum! He loves all of the pictures in the book and we have to read the book every night before bedtime. ”

Sandra from New York, US

AMAZON customer review for a storybook for the name LYLA

"It was exactly what was ordered and a good price"