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"What's My Name?" - Storybooks

were first created for children in Finland, the author Tiina 's native country.


Tiina's niece Suvi lives in Finland, and a few years ago, Suvi's 5th birthday was approaching.

Tiina wanted to do something special for her and decided to write her a personalized story

about a little girl who had forgotten her name. 


In the story, Magic Mouse helped the girl to find her name with the help of many friends,

whose name's first letters magically spelled the forgotten name.

Suvi enjoyed the story so much that Tiina and her sister Terhi decided to create similar storybooks for other children in Finland,

and they teamed up with a local illustrator, Anni Virta, who brought the stories to life with her beautiful, hand-drawn pictures.

The author Tiina Walsh has lived in Ireland for over 20 years,

and her Irish nieces and nephews wanted to read the storybooks, also.   


Tiina first translated their own personalized storybooks for them –

and then decided to translate the rest of the stories to cater for other English-speaking children,

who may thus also enjoy their own personalized adventures with Magic Mouse.

The basic structure of the storybooks is the same:

the child wakes up and can't remember his/her name, he/she calls for Magic Mouse,

and Magic Mouse brings him/her for an adventure in the Magic Bus to help him/her to remember the forgotten name.


The adventure-pages are different in the books, as they are based on the letters of the child's name,

for example, in a Personalzed Storybook for a boy called ADAM, 

Magic Mouse and the boy visit Anxious Anchor, Dizzy Dinosaur, Amazing Ambulance and Muddy Monkey.


After their exiting adventure, Magic Mouse brings the child home and prompts him/her to remember her name,

based on the first letter of their friends' names.


And "the party pages" are personalized:

it is always the highlight of the book when the child in the story remembers his/her name,

which also just happens to be the same name as the child whose book it is!