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About Us

                                                                   - Tiina Walsh, Author -

Tiina Walsh is originally from Finland, and she lives in Dublin, Ireland with her daughter Amanda and her husband Martin.

Tiina first created the best-selling personalized namebook series in Finland,

and later Tiina translated and adapted the storybooks for the English-speaking audience. 


Initially, Tiina wanted to write a book for her niece, and from that first book, the personalized series of namebooks grew little by little. The magical character of Magic Mouse grew out of little stories Tiina's husband Martin used to create for his nieces and nephews.

Tiina loves the idea of bringing joy to the little boys and girls who read her books, and she particularly enjoys hearing stories of their favorite characters and stories in their own, personalized namebooks.

                                - Anni Virta, Illustrator -

Anni Virta is an illustrator, who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

She lives there with her two sons and husband.

She greatly enjoyed creating the illustrations for the

"What's My Name"-storybooks!